40 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Conversion Rate (From a 10 year PPC Expert)

This article was found on the front page of the /r/PPC page on Reddit. 

The author discloses 40 ways to improve conversion rates on AdWords campaigns through a variety of different methods. He addresses the basics such as geotargeting and adjustments in keywords to emphasize the high conversion keywords and minimize the low conversion ones. The author also covers the different types of extensions before briefly discussing ad scheduling and remarketing. He puts a lot of emphasis on having high quality landing pages that clearly cover what your product is as well as displays a clear process in order to purchase the products. He ends the list with some more information about keywords and finally a piece about how useful call tracking can be. There is a lot of helpful information in here for PPCers.

How To Manage PPC Closely To A Budget

This article covers the basics of budgeting your PPC budgets. It discusses how to make sure budgets don't overspend or underspend. They also differentiate ROI tracking from budget tracking. 

The problems discussed in this article can be managed easily with SteadyBudget without having to constantly monitor budgets :)

Mastering PPC: Budgeting Basics

This PPC basics guide was created by Nicholas Viggiano of SEER Interactive.

He covers five things that every PPCer should understand before they manage AdWords accounts. The delivery method, dayparting, keyword research, lost impression share, and shared budgets are all discussed. 

4 Reasons Your PPC Spying Tool Needs to Monitor Competitor Sales Funnels

This article was written by Jamie Smith, the VP of iSpionage and co-founder of Engine Ready.

It discusses four reasons that PPCers should using spying tools to monitor the sales funnels of their competitors. Some might find it good enough to simply keep track of conversion rates, CTR, etc., but viewing the sales funnel as a whole is important as well. The articles points out that you must analyze the user experience and conversion optimization, find opportunities and threats in the sales tunnels, avoid being blindsided by competitor promotions, and learn from larger, more experienced advertisers.

The Hidden Danger of the Search Partner Network

The Partner Network has some effect on the performance of pay per click campaigns. These Partner Networks cannot be filtered and can be untargeted, but they cannot be exclusively targeted. The article discusses the importance of going over SEM (especially campaigns that are affected by Partner Networks) and understanding how all factors affect performance.

How To Manage Your Old & Outdated Content

This article discusses good ways to manage old content by either reusing it, setting up redirects to new content, or deleting the content if it has no value. The first thing that content makers may consider is simply deleting content, but sometimes it is better to optimize by updating keyword search, re-promoting, etc.

The article was prepared by Erin Everheart, a content developer and strategist and current SEO Manager for The Home Depot.

The Importance of Focus for Your PPC Strategy

This article discusses how important it is for PPC to be honed into the smaller target group that is more likely to convert into actual sales as opposed to grabbing everybody who could become a potential customer. It discusses how to narrow down your focus as well as points out that other forms of advertising are cheaper and just as effective at grabbing the larger pool as PPC. PPC campaigns should be focused on satisfying an emergency or immediate need.

9 Facts To Improve Your Mobile Search Performance

This is an article by John Cosley, who is responsible for Microsoft Search Advertising's global brand marketing and communications activities.

It discusses nine facts to improve mobile search performance. The nine facts include location, conversion rates, search ranking, etc. Learning and understanding these facts can help with the planning and implementation of a good mobile ad campaign.

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare for Holiday 2015

Here are some tips on how to prepare your ad campaigns for the upcoming holiday season. It discusses shopping ads, dynamic product ads, mobile and cross-device performance, and emerging channels and formats. It may seem a little early, but you can never be too prepared and it's always good to plan ahead.

Need Help Explaining Local Search? Use Pizza!

Greg Gifford, the Director of Search at DealerOn, uses pizza delivery as a way to explain how local SEO affects the results viewed by the searcher. They show potential customers how SEO works by doing a search for pizza delivery and explaining how Google automatically uses the location that the search is done for to display relevant results, even if the location isn't typed in. The metaphor can be taken even further to explain in more detail if need be.

What's in a Good PPC Report? - written by Melissa Mackey

This is a great article written by PPC expert Melissa Mackey on her blog Beyond the Paid.  Melissa talks about 3 main topics when it comes to reports:

  1. Numbers Should Have Context
  2. Numbers Should Align with Goals
  3. Numbers Should Point to Recommendations

When it comes to PPC advice, it doesn't get much better than what you'll read on her blog.  Melissa is a highly experienced analyst and currently serves as the Search Supervisor at Gyro.

5 Google AdWords Tips for a Small Budget

Jeffrey Un is the SEM Marketing Manager at VerticalResponse. He wrote this article to help PPCers understand how to keep costs lower when using AdWords.

The article covers which Google platforms to advertise, the time of day that ads should run, geotargeting, and even more. It's a good read for new PPC analysts or people trying to manage their own budgets.


Content Marketing Doesn't Work

This article by Mike Templeman of Forbes focuses on the transition of new companies to focus on content marketing as opposed to the more traditional SEO and PPC forms of marketing.

In the article he highlights the reason why content marketing usually doesn't work and how it requires more of a commitment of time and energy then most people are willing to put forward. It also includes tips on how to make your content marketing more effective.

Four Ways To Stay On Top Of Average CPC

Matt Lawson, the Director of Performance Ads Marketing for Google, wrote this article about how to manage your CPC on ads.

It covers a variety of things from understanding why CPC is dynamic to understanding how specific CPC is affected by location, time of day, actual search, etc. He ends the article with three tips on how to keep these costs in check.

PPC Ads Not Performing? Reduce Cognitive Load

Andrew Goodman, Founder and President of Page Zero Media, discusses ways to improve PPC ads.

The article points out the methods that typical analysts use to improve their reach with advertisements and adds onto those with his own methods. He focuses on reducing the amount of information and distractions in ads to only grab the clicks that matter and have higher potential to lead to sales.