First Things First, Our Favorite Way to Listen to Podcasts is Overcast for iOS.

We view software as art.  Like art, the best software often comes from creators working on something they love with the freedom to build their vision.  Overcast is a podcast app with this magical combination.  

The iOS app is a product of Marco Arment.  He is about as famous as a developer can be.  The technical backbone for Tumblr and lead developer for 4 years, he left 'the day job' to work on an iOS app called Instapaper he built as a side project in 2010.  The app was successful and Arment sold the app in 2013 for an undisclosed amount.  That same year Yahoo bought Tumblr and his stock he held from the early days gave him the freedom to work on whatever he wanted. He chose to work closely with a love of his, podcasts.     

Arment started his journey to loving podcasts with a popular blog.  A common topic is in-depth reviews on audiophile products like headphones and speakers.  He has a fascination with sound and the equipment that delivers it.  Along the way he hosted his own podcast, Build & Analyze, a must listen for developers of all kinds.  He was always tinkering with new ways to record the podcast and make it sound better.  He had also been working on algorithms to intelligently breakdown and audio file and enhance the sound of anything streamed through his system.  

The roles of Developer, iOS/Apple expert, audiophile, podcaster and podcast listener all overlap in a venn diagram with Overcast in the middle.  The app is amazing.  The algorithms he developed successfully improve the sound of any podcast played.  The app's background syncing, intuitive playlist features and beautiful design result in the best way to listen to podcasts.  The app is in good hands too, no one has more ideas for how to make it even better than Marco Arment himself.  The app is even a topic on his current podcast, Accidental Tech Podcast.

If you regularly listen to podcasts or are going to start, do yourself a favor and pay the $4.99 to unlock all of Overcast's premium features.

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