Ex Machina Soundtrack

Ex Machina was one of the most interesting movies I have seen in the last few years.  Writer/Director Alex Garland was able to set a haunting tone for the movie that was captured well in Ban Salisbury and Geoff Barrow's score.  The soundtrack has a trance quality to it that is great to work too.  

Techno Playlist on Spotify from PPC Analyst Alex Guest

Techno can also have the great 'zone out' effect we talked about when listening to house music.  This can be great for PPC analysts working with numbers and ad copy.

Thanks to Alex Guest, Paid Search and CRO manager at Prodo Digital, for reaching out to us with this techno playlist that he likes to use when building out new accounts for clients.  The tracks are in the 7-10 minute range and will definitely help you block out distractions.  Our favorite tracks are 'Bohemian Forest' and 'Solitary Daze'.  

Zone out with House Music from BuntesKaos

House music can be great to work to.  Often it's DJs weaving in recognizable songs with their own beats.  It's great to work to because one 'song' kinda rolls into another 'song' seamlessly for an hour plus.  One beat just is slowly melded into another melody. Your train of thought isn't broken up by the changing of songs.  The lyrics are often drowned out a little or repeated like a mantra to the point that they blend into the methodical beat.  Great for when your brain is consumed by numbers and ad copy in the Adwords UI.  The following is the work of German artist, checkout all his SoundCloud music, BuntesKaos

Soundtrack from 'The Martian' on Spotify

'The Martian' is based on a series of blog posts that turned into a book written by Andy Weir.  Give this podcast a listen to hear some great background on how the movie came to be, it was an interesting journey for the author. 

The soundtrack is full of great instrumentals that can be great to listen to while optimizing. The composer, Harry Gregson-Williams discussed how he came up with some of the basics for the tone of the music in this podcast.

Old School Mix

Almost any active member of the hip-hop community has been inspired by older artists and borrows some of their beats or style. These throwbacks are reminders of what helped the community grow and where the industry started.  (Some members of the SteadyBudget team take pleasure in reminding Jon that yes... Outkast is now old school.)

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is a multi-talented entertainer involved in music, writing, acting, and stand-up comedy. He graduated from NYU with a degree in dramatic writing and has since used his degree to write for 30 Rock, create his own screenplay to tie in with his album Because the Internet, and make a new show called Atlanta.  He even has knowledge of programming as he hid the files to a secret song in the code of his screenplay's website.

Spotify's suggested "Deep Focus" Playlist

Spotify has a team of people that put together playlists for different activities and moods.  This curated list is designed to help promote 'Deep Focus'. 

Keep calm and focus. This playlist has some great, atmospheric rock to help you relax and concentrate
— Spotify

Mellow Pop and Hop

Most 'mellow' playlist are focused around soft rock, alternative, or R&B. This playlist features some of the more mellow pop and hip-hop songs as a change of pace. With artists like Childish Gambino, The Social Experiment, and Kid Cudi, you get a beat heavy playlist.