SteadyNews Update - May 4, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

New: Segment Your Performance Data to Identify Opportunities Quickly

Bing Ads has made some new updates to make it easier to organize performance data and identify what areas need attention and what areas are doing well. The campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and ad extensions can now be organized into rows by time, network, device, and top vs. other. Instructions on how to set up and download your segments can be found on the Bing blog here.

AdWords Editor update: Frequency caps, review extensions, display app install campaigns

The new AdWords Editor update made some changes that will definitely help app marketers. There are now display app install campaigns available in Editor. There are also new app extensions available in the Shared Library that allow marketers to link to apps in the Google Play and Apple App stores. The Shared Library also includes review extensions that allow you to attach reviews quotes or paraphrases from reviews from established organizations as extensions. The final change that came with the most recent update is the addition of frequency caps. As of now it is only available for Display and Video campaigns, but it allows marketers enter impression caps on campaigns. Display impression caps can be set at the campaign, ad group, and ad levels. The Editor Update was heavily focused on app marketers, but threw in a freebie for all of the other users as well.