SteadyNews Update - April 19, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

Bing Shopping Launches in the UK

Bing shopping has now officially been released in the UK. They found that 80% of shoppers do research online before before making purchases and they want to help sellers get this information to their buyers. Bing has stated that they want to create and place for merchants to organize, manage, report, and bid on product ads in order to allow them to have insight into their campaign performance. The feature has been out in the U.S. since last summer.

Google Drove 95 Percent of US Smartphone Paid Search Clicks in Q1 [Merkle]

Merkle recently released their Q1 report for their large client base. The report found huge growth in mobile clicks with 101% year-over-year growth an increase in click share from 33% to 39%. Google stole a massive 95% of click share in the mobile department and 78% in desktop click share. 

It was a good quarter for PLAs as well with 41% year-over-year growth. They found that clicks from search partners rose 545% and contributed with 6% of the total PLA clicks. 

Yahoo and Bing found that a lot of their numbers either slowed or stayed steady for the quarter, though Gemini's share of clicks between the two platforms has increased about 17%.