SteadyNews Daily Update - March 31, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

Advertisers Can Opt Out of Any Bing Ads Annotation

Bing Ads not gives advertisers the option to opt out of any annotations. The process of removing them is a little inconvenient as it requires you to contact your Bing Ads rep or customer support and they can turn it off for you. The awesome part about this change is that advertisers can choose specific types of annotations that they want to opt out of instead of being forced to opt out of all of them!

Understanding the Ad Overlay

Instagram made some changes to the ads shown on the app. By tapping on the image of an advertisement, users can now see the action that they are taking before they click a second time to do it. This creates more qualified leads sent to sites, app-installs, and online stores. This can also link to Facebook pages as well! Instagram charges based on the click on the overlay, not the initial click, so advertisers can save money on unqualified clicks. 
A report done on Stance Socks, a company advertising on Instagram, showed an "80% increase in engagement and 36% better RoAS compared to other marketing channels".