SteadyNews Daily Update - March 25, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

AdWords now applies recommended bids to new DSA categories automatically

Google will now automatically apply recommended bids to dynamic search ad campaigns! It is simple to override in the campaigh setup process, so advertisers don't have to worry about losing control if they don't want to use the new automation. The bid recommendations are based on the performance of your keywords on similar campaigns, so the automatic updates are somewhat based on your own actions that you have made and make on other campaigns. These changes can be reviewed before being pushed live as well, so use it as you wish.

Report: Google working on its own version of Amazon Echo

Google has another cool product that they are working on to bring themselves back into the center of the online experience; they are working on a competitor product to the Amazon Echo. Amazon has yet to release sales numbers on Echo, but the sales environment and third-party information seems to hint that it is doing well. Google has the technology and connection with its users to create a solid competitor to the Echo. The interesting aspect of the new product is how Google will handle its search results and ad space with it. I can't imagine that people would want to hear ads spoken to them while they are using the device to make searches. More details are sure to follow as the product becomes more public.