SteadyNews Daily Update - March 23, 2016

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AdWords Search Exam Gets An Update: What You'll Need to Know

Google has updated their AdWords Search Advertising exam this month to bring it up to date with the platform and the industry. The format of the test is still the same, though they have added new topics, including: 
  • search advertising trends
  • call-only ads
  • mobile ads
  • RLSA
  • ECPC
  • flexible bid strategies
  • auction insights, paid and organic report, segments
  • cross-device conversions
  • the opportunities tab
The guides to study for the test have also been updated to match these changes!

Facebook Launches Delivery Insights to Help Advertisers Make Better Ads

Facebook released a new tool that point out underperforming ads and gives you tips on how to improve them. Delivery Insights can be found in the Ads Manager and points out the reasons why ad groups may be underperforming on top of what changes you can make to reach the audience they should be. This information can be found at both the campaign and ad set level! The update is part of Facebook's push to improve advertising on their platform and will be followed up with more insights over the coming months. 

Five Mobile Marketing Strategies to Enhance Lead Generation, Impact Customers and Drive Sales

This report covers five ways to improve lead generation and increase sales through mobile marketing.
The first point is to effectively use mobile media. Most smartphones can now view most videos and a lot of people viewing these videos are likely to share, like, forward, etc. these videos. It is also notable that emails containing mobile media have significantly increased CTRs.
Strategy number two considers the use of wearable technology. Its use has grown significantly over the last few years and has diversified in the types of products. Creating content and media that can be easily accessed through devices such as watches can help drive sales and increase traffic.
Number three is about the simplicity of calling businesses. It is very important to have an easily accessible phone number and/or click-to-call features. Studies have shown that consumers who are unable to make calls easily are 47% more likely to visit a competitor, 47% more likely to grow upset and frustrated, and 33% more likely to never return to a brand. Sales are a lot easier to make over the phone, so make sure it is easy for your customers to reach you.
The fourth strategy involves the use of QR codes. They are not that effective on their own, but they work well when connected with other strategies and allow brands to easily set up deals and discounts.
The fifth strategy is implementing a very strong and heavy email marketing strategy. Emails should be tuned for users of mobile devices, meaning there should be a good amount of white space, limited amount of link-crowding, and mobile-focused calls-to-action. The messages should be easy to skim, as a lot of consumers will do just that and a solid amount of information in concise format.

Google Developing Keyboard for iPhone in Hopes of Boosting Search Volumes [Report]

Google is developing a new keyboard to be used on the iPhone. They believe that by doing so, they can increase the amount of mobile users typing up searches and try to bring Google back in to the center of user experience on mobile devices. Apple doesn't provide app-install numbers, but other keyboards, such as Swype and Swiftkey, have as many as 50 million users on Android devices. I do not personally believe that a Google keyboard will improve the search experience, but it will be interesting to see how this new development effects search and mobile usage.