SteadyNews Daily Update - March 21, 2016

Google's right-side Adpocalypse: What really happened (DATA)?

Wordstream's Larry Kim did a report on the effects of the recent changes to Google's SERP changes. A month after the update, we have seen CTRs increase and CPCs stay pretty static. It is interesting to see the CPCs not increase as many people expected leading up to the update and when it first came out. The overall amount of impressions has decreased which is not crazy to believe considering the ads on the side that used to gather impressions no longer exist. Despite the change, the only advertisers to really lose are those that were in positions 8-11.

Bing Ads Pulling Landing Page Content for Ad Copy

Bing has begun pulling content from landing pages for ad description instead of using ad copy that advertisers choose. We have seen ad content being pulled headlines, truncating content from landing pages, and using meta tags. This update is scary for advertisers because it doesn't give them the ability to completely control their ad copy!