Does Google Really Know Where You Are? For Nearly Half Of You, The Answer Is No

A study was done with a focus on two questions about geolocation and Google: 'is Google targeting all of the people that are located where you are marketing to?' and 'are all the people that are being targeted by Google actually in the location you wish to target?' The sample size of the study wasn't large enough to make any real generalizations about these questions, but the results showed that Google wasn't nearly as accurate as one would expect with their geolocation.  The average error with location for all respondents was about 117 miles on desktop and 428 miles on mobile. 428 MILES! The study showed that only about 55% of users were correctly located with zero error and only 67% of users were correctly located with 25 miles of error. These numbers mean that between 33% and 45% of searchers are wasting clicks or not being served.