Marketing to Millennials and the Necessity of Social Brand Advocacy

Marketing to Millennials requires brands to get them passed the 'Moment of Trust' to a point where they feel more involved in a company in order for brands to succeed. Millennials trust their friends and family over all else, so social brand advocacy and word-of-mouth are the two best ways to bring them to your stores. There are six facts about Millennials that guide their purchasing decisions. The first is that ads hardly influence them. Second, their friends on social media are their main influencers in purchasing decisions. Third, 43% of Millennials place authenticity in content and branding over the amount. The fourth fact is that they love to see brands on social media and see them actively engaging with their customers. Fifth, Millennials like to help and be involved in companies by assisting in the creation of products and like companies that care about the greater good. Finally, Millennials are very loyal to the brands that they like.