Google Advertiser Community: Mine This Staggering Large Community for Content Marketing Ideas


Competing in the PPC content marketing space is rough.

Industry giants such as Hanapin and Wordstream push out new digital advertising content on a daily basis—thanks in part to their large teams and even larger data sets. For smaller agencies or individual PPC practitioners, it’s difficult to keep up with the cadence of these larger companies both from an ideation and creation standpoint.

Along with keyword research, many articles tout utilizing Quora or Reddit communities for content marketing research. These resources help marketers uncover questions and topics being heavily discussed amongst their specific target audiences.

But I believe there is one major PPC community most of us are inadvertently ignoring for uncovering content ideas: The Google Advertiser Community.

What is the Google Advertiser Community?

The Google Advertiser Community provides a forum for digital marketers to post questions, articles, and more regarding Google’s advertising and advertising-adjacent products.

Participants receive answers from other community members including “Experts” who are recognized as such due to the number and quality of responses they post.

Anyone who signs up to be a Google Partner can visit the community. And, at any given time, there are around four to six thousand members online in the Google AdWords community alone!

There are unique communities for Google Ads, Google Partners, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AdWords Express, Google My Business, and Google’s Analytics Solutions. Each community also houses a number of sub-forums as well so you can find posts or questions specific to a topic or theme.

How Do I Generate PPC Blog Post Ideas?

You could comb through thousands of questions/posts to find the perfect topic. Clicking through to a sub-forum will provide you with a long list of posts sorted by recency. Switch tabs to see unanswered threads or choose a popular post (denoted by the number of likes and replies received) and focus there.

Instead, I recommend having a general topic in mind you want to write about such as “PPC budgets.” Using the “Search the Community” field at the top of the screen will return a list of questions/posts about your topic.

This tells you how many times a certain post has been viewed. While it’s not a search volume indicator by any means, it gives a good measure of a topic's popularity. Additionally, you can sort posts by date, likes, replies, or best match, or add additional filters (such as type of post) to whittle down the list even further.

You can even subscribe to a RSS feed for specific searches. If you write about a certain topic often, it's effortless to have new posts automatically populate in your favorite aggregator.

Once you have a few topics lined up, it’s time to get writing!