Welcome EliteSEM team,

We know making software decisions that affect teams are tricky. There are many questions you probably have about our product we can't predict. Our founding team includes long time PPC analysts that have made these decisions themselves and know how hard they can be. 

We set up this page to help the EliteSEM team learn a little more about our platform and make it easy to get answers. 

At the bottom of the page is a form to submit any questions, a link to our free trial if you'd like to take a self-guided tour and our contact information if you'd like a demo from us.

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The SteadyBudget Team

What it might look like if Elite was using SteadyBudget... 

It doesn't take much time on the Elite blog and website to know your company is made up of the exact type of people we'd love to work with and get feedback from.  Send your thoughts our way!



The goal of the above dashboard is to give everyone involved an easy way to check in and see if spend is on pace. You can also view the dashboard in a table view and export data easily to Excel.

Drilling down into specific budgets from this dashboard page provides more granular data on performance.




Analysts can also make optimizations directly from our platform and push edits to Adwords, BingAds and Facebook Ads.  Compare data from these channels in one table (below).




Flexible settings allow analysts to create budget alert emails and get information about potential overspends right in their inbox (example email below).  



Take a secure, self-guided tour with real EliteSEM client data...

Our free trial let's anyone at EliteSEM with access to PPC data get set-up in under 3 minutes.  Some analysts like to dive right in. If that describes you, we have a free trial that can be used without limits for 45 days. 

See Results in Minutes.

Looking for a demo from us?  

There is much more that SteadyBudget can do and we'd be happy to go through a demo for anyone at Elite and talk about how our customers are using the platform. 

Get in touch to set a demo at sales@steadybudget.com or 541-706-9236.