SteadyNews Update - May 16, 2016

Google Product Listing Ads Officially Launch in Image Search, Among Announcements for Retailers

PLAs can now be seen in the image search results if you are opted in to the Google Search Network. They show in a carousel above images on mobile devices. They have been seen as early as fourth quarter of last year, but officially released today. Retailers who use Local Inventory Ads can now add links that allow customers to select 'store pickup' as an option when purchasing online. The Knowledge Panel now features the ability to search inventory for retailers as well. Finally, Google has launched the pilot test for Purchases, the Google-hosted service that allows customers to make purchases directly through PLA buttons on their mobile devices. 

Instagram’s New Analytics Give Detailed Insights

Instagram is working on some new analytics tools with Insights. Insights will give marketers more detailed information about posts and followers by allowing marketers to see age distributions, geographic distributions, gender distributions, and follower activity by hour, among other pieces of data. The new data will allow marketers to plan their posts accordingly to grab the attention of followers at the best times of the day and see how their posts resonate with followers and continue to be viewed after being posted for awhile.