SteadyNews Daily Update - April 6, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

Google Makes AdWords Products Tab More Useful for Shopping Campaigns

Google is making some changes to the Products tab for Shopping campaigns. The changes will make the tab more functional by showing managers "Product status" and "Effective max CPC" columns; the Products status column tells you whether a product is ready to serve, disapproved, excluded, or out of stock and the Effective max CPC column allows for you to make bid adjustments on individual products from inside the Products tab. 

The Products groups tab now has new percentages and totals for products that are ready to serve, active, approved, and total products submitted. It removes the need for you to go to the Merchant Center for this information. Finally, Google added more Shopping info in the AdWords Report to make things easier for managers. 

Bing Ads Testing New Social Media Extensions

Bing Ads is testing their new "Social Extensions" that allow you to add social media profiles to your ad copy at the bottom of the ad placements. These new extensions feature a label and up to four social network links with the social media icons on the ads. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are the only sites available, though they plan on adding Pinterest and possibly YouTube. These social links do not have to be profile links, but can also be links to hashtags, giving advertisers the ability to have a little bit of freedom with social links that they choose to use. Social Extension clicks are charged on a CPC basis and the feature is currently in beta.

Promoted Pins: Now Available in the UK

Pinterest has now expanded their Promoted Pins internationally for the first time by expanding them to U.K. businesses! This is largely due to the size of the market there (with users growing 50% over the past year) and over 2.2 billion ideas being saved in the UK since Pinterest was first launched there three years ago. 

Pinterest has found that "more than 75% of all of the Pins saved to Pinterest come from businesses". This is why Pinterest has focused on making the ads non-intrusive and the ads help users find the ideas they want, with information on how to create them from credible resources. They plan on expanding to even more English-speaking markets over the course of the rest of the year.