SteadyNews Daily Update - April 1, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

Google Says More About Local Ranking In Updated Document

Google has updated their document that tells you how to improve your ranking in local search results and make it into the three pack. The document has tripled in size and added new sections, such as prominence. This section covers the places that are well-known in the offline world, but may not necessarily hold a huge presence online. This offline presence will now be reflected in search results! Some of things used to determine prominence are links, articles, and directories based on the places found around the web. The Google review count is also taken into consideration.

Still Hanging Onto Bing Ads Campaign Analytics? Time to Switch to UET

Bing Ads has announced that they will officially be moving all users over from Campaign Analytics to Universal Event Tracking (UET). Bing will automatically convert accounts over starting at the beginning of May and will remove Campaign Analytics at the end of June. Accounts that are automatically migrated over to UET will have conversion tracking active until Campaign Analytics closes, but will need to change to the UET tag after that. The reason for this is because the UET tag can track all conversions and goals and can also be used for retargeting.