SteadyNews Daily Update - March 30, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

Google Launches its Giant Mobile Search Ads for Automakers in the US

Google has now made Model Automotive ads and Dealer Automotive ads available to qualified users in the US! OEM advertisers can post Model Automotive ads for people running searches on makes and models and these ads can feature large-format images, details on vehicle performance, and links to relevant websites for manufacturers and dealers. The new ad formats have show increased CTR and decreased CPA for Toyota and Ford. 
The Dealer Automotive ads set up dealerships similarly to how Google has set up their home service ads. They feature click-to-call buttons, locations, and directions. This change is to make it easier for users searching for vehicles on mobile devices to find the information they want and need.

Snapchat is Testing Ads That Contain Advertorials Like Listicles

Snapchat is testing a new ad format that lets brands put out branded articles to the regular Snapchat videos. AT&T was the first brand to jump on the new format and they have it set up so users can swipe up on their videos to see GIFs urging them to watch the NCAA tourney on their phones. The new format allows for text, photos and GIFs. This is still in testing stages and hasn't become available to very many advertisers, but the change would mean that there are more ways for brands to stay viewable to Snapchat users for longer. It also means there could soon be another channel for advertisers to push text and display ads. We will see how this change affects Snapchat's sales to advertisers and if it will actually get implemented soon enough.

Twitter Universal Website Tag Helps You Track Website Conversions, Manage Tailored Audiences

Twitter has announced the release of their new universal website tag that will allow advertisers to monitor conversions and manage their tailored audience campaigns easier. To use the tag, a single line of code is to be put in your global page header and use it to create and manage posts and tailored audiences. The new tag allows for you to build up to 200 custom audiences, compared to only 25 audience with the single event tag. API access will be available in the next few weeks. A walkthrough of how to set it up was made by Twitter and can be found here!