SteadyNews Daily Update - March 24, 2016

Written by Dominique Catabay

Now We Know: Here Are Google’s Top 3 Search Ranking Factors

For the first time, a Senior Quality Search Strategist at Google has revealed the top 3 search ranking factors on the search engine: Links, content, and RankBrain. Andrey Lipattsev stated that the top two are links and content, in no particular order, and RankBrain was established as being number three when it was released last year. Below is the video where he released this information (the entire Q&A is about an hour long):

Facebook Video Metrics Add Richer Day-by-Day Data

Facebook has made updates to its analytics in order to add more detailed data about video viewership on a day-by-day basis. The new update allows video publishers to see how many minutes a video is viewed, the total amount of views, and how many times a video is viewed for at least 10 seconds on any given day. This will allow for brands and publishers to get more qualified information about what days perform best. The API isn't updated yet, but it will be coming soon!

How Is Gen Z Using Social Media?

The online market research firm, Fluent did a report on Generation Z use of social media. Generation Z includes the group born after Millennials and is the next emerging market in terms of age groups. Facebook, as may have been expected, is the top social network and is a cornerstone of social media. Around 51% of users are using it to keep in touch with high school friends and 39% are using it to connect with college friends. The next two big ones, Snapchat and Instagram, have huge amounts of daily use with 34% and 35% (of surveyed individuals) connecting multiple times a day, respectively. 
YouTube is still the number one for video with 80% of the surveyed group, though Facebook is catching up. 32% of respondents watched videos for at least an hour a day, 30% for two hours and an astounding 21% for three hours or more! The infographic below holds even more information about social media use: