Instagram Advertising: What’s Working?

The opening up of advertisement on Instagram a couple months ago has shown to be comparably successful to Facebook's advertising. This isn't a surprise as a lot of the pieces of Facebook's advertising platform were taken over to Instagram to make it easy for advertisers on Facebook to bring some campaigns over to Instagram. The numbers on Facebook and Instagram are very similar with CTRs of 0.6% and 0.8%, CPMs of $5.12 and $5.14, CPCs of $0.80 and $0.61, and CPIs ranging from $2.84 to $8.53 and $2.14 to $6.43 respectively. The three main pieces that the author discusses about Instagram advertising are lighting and detail, delicate branding, and minimal text. The advertisements that do the best have natural lighting that have quality matching that of un-paid images on Instagram. Branding should be done in a subtle way without a giant logo overpowering the image or video. Ads should also have a minimal amount of text with it taking, at most, 20% of the total size of the advertisement.