5 Digital Trends Influencing the Future of Retail (Infographic)

MediaMath created an infographic to cover 5 trends in digital that will affect the future of retail. The five points are: digital will influence in-store sales, mobile is now the majority of digital ad spend, direct publisher deals are going programmatic, material part of digital ad spend in 2015, and closed-loop attribution is the next step. By the end of this year, 64% of in-store sales will be influenced by digital with 78% of shoppers doing research online before making their purchases in stores. About 51.5% of ad spend will be on mobile with an estimated $6.65 billion projected spend this year. PMP has grown a huge 381% this year for a number of reasons from efficiency to easier data collection. 29% of digital ad spend this year will have been on video advertising with 56% of ad executives citing it as the most important digital advertising format. Finally, multi-touch attribution is what retailers are looking at.