The State of PPC

Hanapin Marketing just released their 2015 State of PPC report. Last year, they found that only 20% of the people they surveyed were spending over $1 million while this year that number had increased to 59%, with 43% of the total people surveyed spending over $2.5 million. 90% of advertisers believe that text ads are still the most proven form of advertising with remarketing and mobile ads following at 80% and 71%, respectively. 78% of advertisers felt like their PPC campaigns were successful this year with only 2% believing that their PPC wasn't successful. Most of the surveyed advertisers also believe that the market improved this year as a whole, leading to 48% of them planning to increase their PPC budgets next year. The two things that advertisers believe will be the most important aspects of digital marketing next year are conversion rate optimization and social advertising. Finally, mobile and AdWords budgets are expected to see the most growth next year with Facebook and Bing Ads not too far behind.