As Yahoo Gemini Ramps Up, How Well Is It Performing For Search Advertisers? holds about 50% of the total clicks generated by Bing Ads and Gemini platforms. Advertisers that have adopted Gemini can see about 22% of combined clicks between the two aforementioned platforms. Gemini has not been fully adopted by all advertisers, but Yahoo is attempting to maximize the amount of users that they can under their renegotiated terms with Microsoft's Bing platform. As of October 1 of this year, either side of their deal can terminate their agreement with a written notice and be officially separated from each other over the course of four months. Gemini ads are underperforming on desktop with lower conversion rates, AOV, and sales-per-click on desktop, but doing really well on both tablets and smartphones. Gemini shows promise, but Yahoo is still better off sticking with Bing with the numbers they are currently producing.